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Where Are These Missing Benghazi Survivors?

Here’s a list of 33 SURVIVORS of the Benghazi Massacre compiled by a true patriot that goes by the Twitter handle @sirtatters.


Hamas purposely fights from among and behind sensitive civilian installations

You Say Right-Wing Nut-Job

When I’m called a Right-Wing Nut-Job (#RWNJ) I wear it as a Badge-of-Honour! Bring it on Libs/Progs/Commies! Let’s discuss what it’s like to:


So here is my Benghazi question, will Rep Gowdy question Patterson about her loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood when he asks why Stevens was in Benghazi? – See more at: http://truepatriotsforamerica.com/latest-posts/benghazi-question-trey-gowdy-2/#sthash.jDFAQ4qM.dpuf

People Can’t See The Writing On The Wall

People just don’t seem to see the writing on the wall. Chopping off heads and raping little girls doesn’t seem to get their attention – See more at: http://truepatriotsforamerica.com/latest-posts/people-cant-see-writing-wall/#sthash.y5oFjeN1.dpuf

GOPe Roadmap Election 2016 – Follow The Money

Get some insight into what’s happening in the race for the Presidency. – See more at: http://truepatriotsforamerica.com/latest-posts/election-2016-follow-the-money/#sthash.RBm6rP8r.dpuf

GOPe Roadmap Part 2

Information on how the GOPe plans to get an Election 2016 victory. – See more at: http://truepatriotsforamerica.com/latest-posts/gope-roadmap-part-2/#sthash.MguFNSQ8.dpuf

Benghazi Brief – Three Years Later

This “Benghazi Brief” is a most controversial research report – See more at: http://truepatriotsforamerica.com/?p=1382&preview=true#sthash.tdzDRN6k.dpuf

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I Believe That Tony Wiener is, In Literal Fact…

…The Very Definition of a Progressive Liberal Why? Thank you for asking: Reading this article in the Daily Mail/UK about the deviant married to Hillary Clinton’s “body woman” slash “right-hand [related by blood to the Muslim Bro’hood] gal,” Huma Abedin and thinking that they are all corrupt, evil criminals. Yet, I don’t hear @theDemocRATs denouncing their […]

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Toxic Craphole fr Hell [2]


Time to Put Politics Aside, Briefly, and Tell You a Personal Story In 2003, a full 6 years prior to Barry Hussein usurping the White House of “We the People,” I sold my White house (a basic tan, 2-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, tract home) on the good side of town and moved east to […]

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23 March 2016

After the Brussels Attack Barry Hussein Parties…

…WHO DOES THAT? After the terrorist attack in Brussels, we watched as Mr. Obama danced, so to speak, the Argentine Tango (#DWTS don’t even…) and attend a baseball game in Argentina with the first family. I asked myself: “Self, who does that?” There’s no dancing in the streets in Brussels. There doesn’t appear to be […]

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PP killing babies since 1973

Planned Parenthood is Purely Polical…

 …Here’s the Proof Cecile Richards (@CecileRichards) has been the President of the non-profit Planned Parenthood Federation of America since 20061. Prior to that Cecile was the Founder & President of a 501(c)(4) called “America Votes,”2 a self-described Progressive organization that sets out to interrupt the voices of Christian Conservatives, the right and further the Communist, […]

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GOPe Roadmap – Part 2

This post is further information on how the GOPe plans to get an Election 2016 victory. If you study this carefully, I think you will have a clear understanding on how we are being had. Sundance has done a super job presenting this information.  Take time to click on all the links, then go to […]

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